Why replace when you can repair?

Mobile vehicle trim repair service
Serving East London & Essex 
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Professional vehicle upholstery and trim repairs.

Dashboard Repairs
Phone Holes
Scuffed Bumpers

Cigarette Burns
Velour & Vinyl
Leather Refurbishment

Scratched Wheels
Windscreen Chips
Door Trims

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Trim-Tech offer a professional vehicle trim repair service to the public and motor industry, established for more than a decade, Trim-Tech have the experience and expertise to offer a superlative service.
Trim-Tech are recommended by leading insurance companies and trusted by major franchised dealerships. more

Our specialist techniques have been an established practice in the United States automotive industry, restaurant trade, insurance and other businesses for many years.

Trim-Tech offers state-of-the-art procedures in vinyl, leather, velour and plastic. Repairs that are truly cost effective and virtually undetectable. The range of renovation is comprehensive, cigarette burns, seating and carpet tears, interior trim and dashboard damage, telephone holes, windscreen chips, scratched wheels, and so on, all repaired on-site by our qualified technicians. more examples

Dealerships can benefit greatly from our service; they no longer have to replace such items, especially important when they are not readily available from manufacturers…if at all!
Compared to Trim-Tech re-upholstery or replacement is inconvenient, time consuming and expensive. So why replace when you can repair! Please give us a call to discuss your needs, we'll be happy to hear from you.


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